About you being a womble too!

d0496eea_8203_415d_9afd_4eb1aabf2120So, you want to be a womble too? You’re in good company.

There’s no denying that the term ‘wombling’ has entered the vocabulary, as an affectionate term to describe someone who recycles or makes good use of things other people are throwing away. And as recycling and eco-friendliness becomes more of a way of life for many of us, we’re all wombling more than ever.

But what if you really want to get your Tidy Bag on and get out there to help clean up the streets?

Keep Britain Tidy are a charity who have worked with the Wombles ever since the 1970s to promote litter-picking, environmental awareness, and waste-reduction, and they’re still at it – take a look at what they’re doing with Kirstie Allsopp for the Queen’s birthday in 2016. They also run the Eco-Schools campaign that made womble supermarket trolley tokens.



sitelogoAs well as that, there are lots of online recycling and re-use sites where you can give away things you dont need any more, and pick up items other people are passing on. Freegle is the best-established in the UK of these, but there are also lots of give-away groups on Facebook etc. These all help keep unwanted items out of landfill and prove that one person’s trash is another’s treasure.
Another option is Foodcycle, which is a network of voluntary groups who take food thrown out by cafes and shops, and turns it into tasty meals, served and given away for free to local people. It’s a great community-building effort, proves that lots of good food can be kept out of the bins, and feeds anyone in need of a hot supper as well.

logoOf course, your local council will run all kinds of recycling and re-use schemes too, so there’s lots of ways to get involved and make a difference to the environment by being more thoughtful about what we throw away.

What better legacy could Elisabeth Beresford have hoped for!