We set a new Guinness World Record!


It’s official! Guinness World Records have confirmed that we are officially amazing – this is the largest collection of Wombles memorabilia in the world!

Here at the Womble Burrow, we set a new Guinness World Record on August 7th 2016 and are now officially recognised as the world record holders.

The idea for attempting to set a new record came about after being part of the Sainsbury Centre’s exhibition about Magnificent Obsessions, in January 2016. I hope that the official recognition will help me to share the wombles with an even wider audience, and maybe even open up the possibility of an exhibition somewhere down the line…


The lovely people who organised the public’s involvement (as collectors) at that exhibition were kind enough to come and help with the attempt too, as essential independent witnesses to the collection. We spent a very warm August afternoon going through the entire collection, box by box, ticking everything off against my inventory, and videoing the entire proceedings – all 5 hours of it! The collection came to 1703 different items on that date, it’s grown some since then of course.

We were included in the 2018 book of Guinness World Records!

Thankyou very much to Ruth, Rosie and Imogen – here they are looking relieved as we tackled the very last items, the socks, at the end of the day!


I sent off all the evidence and waited a few nail-biting months to get official confirmation from Guinness, and now I can proudly display my world record certificate and forever be known as the owner of the largest collection of wombles memorabilia in the world :-).